EasyScope II for DS1M12

EasyScope II for DS1M12

Control and manage the settings of USB instruments
1.4.5 (See all)
EasySync Ltd
Work with USB-based hardware components for media and data transfer tasks. Gain access to the advanced trigger settings including edge and pulse triggering. Manage the automated configuration options, customize the timebase delay and change the input ranges.

EasyScope II is the easy to use but powerful Digital Sampling Oscilloscope application program for the USB Instruments DS1M12 Stingray.


- Attractive, easy to use visual display
- F.F.T. (Fast Fourier Transform) display
- 2 oscilloscope channels
- Advanced trigger settings including edge and pulse triggering
- Delayed timebase function
- Signal generator
- External trigger
- Integrated digital Volt meters
- Auto Set function
- Timebase from 2 ms/div to 50 ms/div
- Input ranges from 0.01 V/div to 5 V/div
- O.S.D. markers for voltage measurement
- O.S.D. markers for time / frequency measurement
- Save oscilloscope screens to Windows BMP files
- Export 10 most recent oscilloscope traces to CSV file
- Screen printout facility
- AC/DC coupling support
- Support for x1 and x10 probes
- User-defined oscilloscope display colour themes
- Variable persistence mode display
- Load and save colour themes to file

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